C U L T    C L A S S I C



What could possess two young beauties to kidnap a Hollywood starlet and drag her bound and gagged into the California desert for ritual sex and human sacrifice? That’s among the questions driving CULT CLASSIC, the explosive debut book from VISCOUS Ltd. CULT CLASSIC has it all: lurid sex, shocking violence, intense devotion, and thought provocation. Featuring seductive, saturated, highly cinematic images from photographer Madison Kreiger—plus probing essays by several other brilliant women, including cultural historian Laura Mcklaw Helms and writer and photographer Stacey Mark—CULT CLASSIC analyzes the engrossing phenomena of the cult, both in terms of religion and pop culture. 

CULT CLASSIC features such mesmerizing models as Bodhi Rose, Zanah Marie, Diandra Godiva and Ana Corbi, stars of “Cult of the Femme,” the photo story about the kidnapped actress that runs through the book. It’s a tale of wide-eyed girls doped by the lotus of charisma and compelled to capture our young blonde heroine to please their leader. These girls will torture and kill for their queen, oblivious to the outside world. In look and feel, CULT CLASSIC harks back to the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, when social upheavals begat the murderous Manson Family, Jim Jones and his Kool-Aid-drinking Peoples Temple, and other fringe groups who shocked and terrified the masses. With the world once again falling to pieces, it’s only natural for people to look for answers wherever they can find them.

CULT CLASSIC offers a seductive look at the dark side of trying to see the light. 

*Available Unsigned or Signed by the Artist*

Limited First Edition of 250.

8.5 x 10 in | 56 pages | 100b Text | 4 Color Printing |Heidelberg Sheetfed Press | 100 # text |