The B O O K - This is Not a Self-Portrait

The B O O K - This is Not a Self-Portrait

Amy Hood Questions the Notion of Self in the Digital Age with 
I Took the Pictures But This Is Not a Self-Portrait 


The work encourages us to reflect, via its very format, on our habits of interacting with facades, and pushes us to reconsider not only what we see but how we see it. It comprises photographs that Hood took of herself in an artificial space: a deteriorating house with visible pipes and beams. Hood used a Polaroid Land Camera, a technique of capture that both infuses her shots with a sense of deliberateness and permanence and draws a stylistic through line from her own aesthetic history. Hood plays subversively with themes of image and essence, of the dichotomy of exterior and interior, of persona construction and image consumption and their impact on our relationship to physical presence, to ourselves, and to each other. At the same time, the craft of her construction implies new possibilities for how we can thoughtfully engage with others and ourselves.


7x9” | 32 page | Inset Thread-stitched Photo-book | Blind Debossed Linen Hardcover | Enticing Die-cut Transparencies | Magnetic closure | Crash numbered & signed | Made to order in a limited edition of 125.


Created by Amy Hood


These are made to order with an approx. 3- 4 week production lead time.


Individual prints also available, for inquiry